After the finishing treatments (painting or galvanizing, if required), the parts that have been manufactured through the aforementioned processes are transferred to the fitting workshop/warehouse.

Elifra uses a 1,500 sq.m building to check, assemble and store – if required – the products until shipment.

The semi-finished product is submitted to quality control and then our operators fit them in compliance with client’s specifications.

We also have available a wide range of steelworks accessories such as hinges, locks, chimes, etc., which we develop through our own dies and utilize for the fitting of our products, unless otherwise specified bu the client.

All these accessories are also available in coded packages for sale.

The finished products that are thus obtained are usually set on wooden pallets and protected by cardboard or extensible film in order to facilitate the loading, unloading and transport operations.

Upon customer’s request, we can supply the products in special packages of any kind and material.

The warehouse is provided with metal racks that can host up to 725 Euro-pallets for the storage of the finished products.

Upon client’s request, we can

– offer a warehouse logistic service for finished and semi finished products

– manage open orders with deliveries upon client’s request

– deliver the ordered products by our own means

For the packaging of the finished products, we utilize

  • 1 off automatic film wrapper
  • 3 off semiautomatic strapping tools

For the internal handling of the goods and the delivery of the finished products, Elifra has available:

  • 6 off fork-lift trucks (one of which is three-sided) with payload from 1 to 3.5 tons.
  • 3 off  3.5-ton payload trucks, 2 of which are open  body, and 1 is of the closed-body type