The Processes

Elifra develops its activities in a modern structure, whose overall surface occupies 18,000 sq.m. 5,000 of which of covered surface.

We resort to state-of-the-art systems and machinery that allow us processing any kind of material, namely:

  • stainless steel;
  • carbon steel;
  • special steels;
  • aluminum;
  • copper;
  • brass
  • polycarbonate
We develop parts for different sectors. Here are some of them:

  • telecommunications
  • control cabinets
  • utilities
  • furniture
  • lighting
  • medical sector
  • electro-mechanics
  • renewable energies
  • machine tools
  • petrochemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • logistics
  • food processing
Our commitment and passion make us the ideal partner for all those companies that are looking for flexibility, quality, experience and technical know-how to handle and quickly solve the challenges which are set every day by an increasingly demanding dynamic market.

The Processes

Cuttingis usually the first operation to be performed when a part is manufactured.
Our punching workshop utilizes punching machines of the TRUMPF brand, a leading company in the machine tool industry, in order to ensure high quality, fast and safe processes for both single parts and flow productions.
Laser cutting is the innovative revolutionary sheet metal cutting technique, versus punching.
Thanks to the high versatility of the state-of-the art CNC laser cutting systems, the most diversified geometrical shapes can be cut on pickled and galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum, even if of large thickness.
Folding is the stage that follows sheet metal cutting. In this operation, the pressure exerted by a hydraulic press deforms a flat semi-finished material, in order to stiffen its structure and thus give the product volume and a geometric shape.
P1000676The last stage in sheet metal processing is assembly, which consists of the mechanical joining of the parts obtained during the previous stages.
Sheet metal parts can be assembled through different processes, depending on the purpose of their final utilization.
verniciaturaThanks to the cooperation with qualified companies, Elfra can supply the product requested by the client complete with specific finishing treatments such as painting, galvanizing and – if required – silkscreening of the parts.
After the finishing treatments (painting or galvanizing, if required), the parts that have been manufactured through the aforementioned processes are transferred to the fitting workshop/warehouse.
Elifra uses a 1,500 sq.m building to check, assemble and store – if required – the products until shipment.