Laser cutting is the innovative revolutionary sheet metal cutting technique, versus punching.

Thanks to the high versatility of the state-of-the art CNC laser cutting systems, the most diversified geometrical shapes can be cut on pickled and galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum, even if of large thickness.

You can start from either a template or from a file in digital format (e.g. .dxf or .dwg) and obtain valuable results in terms of both accuracy and finishing of the cutting surface, which does not require any further reworking.

Furthermore, the laser technology can be used to provide the manufactures products with embossing, marking and punch marks, to classify and make them easily recognizable.

Thanks to the reduced time to set up the machinery and to the wide range of applications, the laser cutting technology represents an optimum solution also for complex applications in the most diversified fields.

Our laser cutting workshop utilizes machinery of the TRUMPF brand, the world leader in the industry which – besides ensuring accurate efficient processes – allows us being competitive in terms of price, delivery terms and quality of the manufactured products.


  • Process area 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Max. laser cutting thickness:
    Carbon steel 15 mm ;
    Stainless steel 10 mm;
    Aluminum 4 mm